Years ago I saw the film One Hour Photo. A dramatic robin williams role that opens with a voiceover noting family photos capture the happy moments of our lives. And if humanity disappeared and aliens had to piece together what our existence was like - they would conclude we all lived these happy fulfilled lives.   

This idea never left me.

i was raised very very very very catholic, almost cartoonishly medieval. For the unindoctrinated, in Catholicism there is this idea of "ordinary time" ...there is no feast to celebrate, no prepping for an event of significance, just an ordinary Sunday. Worldwide in Catholic chapels, churches and cathedrals they announce before those masses "it’s X week of ordinary time".

Well... the vast majority of our lives are this block, this “ordinary time”. Without celebration or even what poet Robert Lowell called "the nourishment of drama". It's just these uneventful plodding moments of life ...eating corn flakes, brushing your teeth, getting out the nightly meds....

My images are of these holding patterns of life. Ordinary moments captured with stylized lighting that kinda gives them a disproportional weight and gravitas. And in these moments i create a feeling of what the Latin American writers call magic realism... or at least what i think that could mean.